Solidarity Forever!

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We are the labor movement in DSA.

DSA Labor (the National Labor Commission or NLC) is a body of DSA members active in the labor movement, including union members and stewards, union staff, workers center activists, union officers, labor journalists, union retirees, students in labor solidarity groups, and labor-oriented intellectuals.

Latest News

Striketober Solidarity

The 40-day strike against Nabisco resulting in a national solidarity campaign that bolstered the army of union bakers was a...


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Strike Ready

Workers across the country, including DSA members, are standing up and fighting for dignity, safety, and respect in the workplace. Let’s get ready to show up and show out in 2023!

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DSA members and other rank-and-file activists are organizing in the logistics sector due to the immense structural leverage logistics workers have in the economy.

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The Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee helps any worker in any industry in any part of the country to connect with experienced labor organizers to build a campaign and form a union.

Solidarity Is Brewing

Solidarity Is Brewing is the first national labor campaign DSA has undertaken. More than 80 DSA chapters are actively supporting Starbucks workers organizing in local stores.