Solidarity Is Brewing

Solidarity Is Brewing is the first national labor campaign DSA has undertaken. More than 80 DSA chapters are actively supporting Starbucks workers organizing in local stores, and more than 100 additional chapters are in touch with the campaign and ready to support when a local store goes public. The goals of the campaign include supporting new worker organizing, developing chapter labor work, and rebuilding labor culture.

Starbucks workers across the country are organizing in a historic campaign that has resulted in the unionization of more than 200 Starbucks stores across the country. The campaign, along with others like Amazon Labor Union, has revitalized the labor movement and showed workers across the service sector what is possible. Starbucks and other companies like Amazon, Trader Joe’s, and Apple are engaging in blatant union busting, so it is vital that other union members, community members, and organizations like DSA have their back. 

Seattle DSA at a Starbucks picket

Adopt a Store

The fight for a contract will be long, and we are standing with the workers along the way. 

Starbucks is making astronomical profits, at the same time they are forcing workers to endure low staffing, unsafe conditions, and increasing productivity demands. Let Starbucks Workers United know that your chapter is interested in supporting local workers by filling out the Adopt-A-Store form.

Listen to Workers

If you don’t know if a shop in your area is forming a union, then please do not voice your support in the store. We are all very excited, but please don’t tip anyone’s hand. Instead, connect with Starbucks Workers United by signing the No Contract, No Coffee! Pledge to act in solidarity with workers and check out the Solidarity Is Brewing Chapter Kit, which has resources and best practice tips.

Kansas City DSA at a Starbucks picket line

Join a Call

Connect to the DSA Labor Solidarity Is Brewing Campaign by attending our bi-weekly calls and other events that elevate worker-organizer voices and share solidarity resources. The call topics have included strike support, fundraising best practices, and international solidarity. If your chapter has been supporting local workers, and you’d like to share, reach out to schedule a meeting with the National Labor Commission steering committee.