Join a Subcommittee

The DSLC is organized into five subcommittees: Education; Leadership Development; Mapping; Organizing the Unorganized; and Communications.

The Education Subcommittee focuses on developing and/or providing access to materials that will enrich DSA members in their understanding of the labor movement, past and present, as well as the role of socialists in the workplace.

The Leadership Development Subcommittee focuses on developing tool kits to help members begin labor organizing efforts at the local level, engage in strike support, and conduct power mapping for campaigns.

The Mapping Subcommittee focuses on conducting extensive chapter outreach and research in order to understand the state of DSA’s current labor activism, where our power resides, and what opportunities we have.

The Organizing the Unorganized Subcommittee focuses on developing resources to help labor activists acquire the capacity, skill, and resources to initiate and drive workplace organizing campaigns in unorganized shops.

The Communications Subcommittee focuses on moderating and creating content for the DSLC’s internal and external communication networks, as well as developing and refining tools for enhanced communication, discussion, and information sharing.


If you would like to join one of these subcommittees, please email [email protected] and specify which subcommittee(s) you’d like to join.