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DSA Labor 101

DSA Labor 101 is a workshop curriculum, developed by the DSLC Education Subcommittee, that provides information and encourages discussion among DSA members about the centrality of the working class in socialist thought, the state of the current labor movement, and just what it is that unions do. It is aimed primarily at those DSA members who are not well acquainted with unions, but the participation of labor activists would certainly enhance any Labor 101 workshop (and the workshop would be best facilitated by someone with labor experience). The materials for Labor 101 listed here include an outline to guide facilitators of the workshop, along with five one-page (either single or double-sided) handouts: “Defining the Working Class;” “Why We Still Talk About the Working Class;” “Snapshot: Unions in the U.S. Today;” “Why Unions Matter;” and “Suggestions for Labor Support.” These handouts may be valuable on their own and can be utilized by DSA members independent of a Labor 101 workshop.

Click here to view the DSA Labor 101 Curriculum

If your chapter organizes a Labor 101 make sure to let us know by emailing and tagging us on Twitter @DSA_Labor!

Have comments or questions, or want help implementing a Labor 101 workshop in your DSA chapter? Contact DSLC education subcommittee members and Labor 101 developers Jane Slaughter at and/or Toni Gilpin at

Labor Reading List

For those looking for reading material on labor history, both general and specific, here’s a four-page list with some great suggestions. Labor historian and DSLC Education Subcommittee member Toni Gilpin compiled this list and distributed it at the 2018 Labor Notes conference.