Take action to save USPS!

The DSLC is launching a campaign in coordination with rank and file postal workers to pressure congress to bail out essential public services and secure the workers jobs! This campaign is moving quickly in anticipation of Congress going back into session. To show solidarity with workers and pressure congress, we are starting a mail art campaign. 

We are asking DSA members, union members, and the public to send post cards to their US Senators and House Representatives. Find out who represents you here

Sign our petition! Yes, there are many USPS petitions out there. But it is important for us as socialists to make clear just how incredibly important our USPS is, and to defend it.

Buy postcards! Get your packs of 10 and send them to Congress! 

Check out our social media toolkit to help get #DSA4USPS trending!


Create a Postal Worker Care Package

In a show of solidarity and appreciation, we have created this Care Package Tool Kit for anyone, anywhere, who wants to show their support for their local Carrier or Post Offices’ staff. 

This first page contains the directions and suggested items for the creation of the Care Package. The second page is a letter, for you to print out and attach to your Care Package.