Restaurant Organizing Project

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The Restaurant Organizing Project (ROP) is a project built with guidance and resources from the NLC to support workers organizing in the food service industry, to help chapters develop connections with local food service organizing campaigns. 

We help food service workers build and sustain local restaurant organizing campaigns that can fight for immediate relief in the short term, and connect workers to support resources so they can sustain organizing around a longer-term vision to reshape the entire industry so it works for workers.

Austin DSA members at a picket
Picketers outside of a restaurant

Upcoming Events

Restaurant Organizing Project facilitators host monthly national calls to collectively develop community-based solutions for current workplace and political fights.

To join one of our upcoming calls, visit our campaign page.

The Dish

We also maintain The Dish: A Workers’ Rag, where we publish work created by and for food service workers, and an archive of resources for workers to use in organizing work.

The Dish logo
Chicago Restaurant Organizing Project members outside of a Starbucks

Contact ROP

Reach out via email for organizing assistance, publication ideas for the dish, help connecting to local campaigns, or help connecting to local DSA chapter leaders.