Start a Labor Branch

In most DSA chapters, it’s very simple to establish a working group. All you need is a few people with a shared organizing interest.

Bring up forming a labor working group at larger meetings and social gatherings. Talk to your comrades and get an idea of what they do for a living. Are they already in a union? Staff at a union? Organizing or thinking of organizing their workplace? All are great places to start building a small group of labor activists that can form the start of your chapter’s labor working group!

Kansas City DSA at a Starbucks picket line
Portland DSA at a Starbucks picket

Build a Campaign

While a campaign is a great way to anchor and grow a working group, there’s no need to find a campaign right away. You can:

  • Hold some meetings
  • Host discussions
  • Reach into your community, the labor movement in your area, and out to the network of DSA labor activists you’re now a part of
  • Hold educational events
  • Find a few small labor actions you can participate in

Build the Labor Movement

In an area not known for union activity? The labor movement is bigger than the unions, and it’s bigger than the shop floor. Once your working group has tried out a few things, you should be ready to make some democratic decisions as a group on how you can best build a socialist labor movement.

Getting involved with an active campaign can be a great way to jumpstart a local labor branch! You can see our campaigns for more information about national campaigns and how you and your chapter can get involved.

New York DSA members at a labor action