Marriott Strike Solidarity Tips From SV DSA

It’s been about a month since, on the heels of a successful hotel strike in Chicago, thousands of workers at Marriott hotels across the country struck for better wages, year-round healthcare, influence over automation, and an end to union busting green-washing programs. Many DSA chapters have been supporting the striking workers from the beginning, and some have been documenting their work so other chapters don’t have to start from scratch if the strike spreads to hotels in their own areas.

Silicon Valley DSA’s Labor Working Group has put together a lot of valuable material over the past month. A series of weekly bulletins have kept members up to date on the progress of the strike, and featured the kinds of solidarity that SV and other chapters have provided. Check them out here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.

SV DSA has also compiled some tips for chapters looking to get more involved in pickets in their own area.